Supply Lists

Supply Lists 2022/2023

Supply Lists are below by grade.  Please use appropriate link depending on grade.  Orders can be placed online for delivery to your home through the staples link or lists can be printed and purchased anywhere.  

Our school will continue with the successful BYOD model for all students in grades 4 – 8.  Therefore, we are asking parents of our new 2022-23 grade 4-8 students to explore options to obtain a Chromebook (new or used) to prepare for the up-and-coming school year.  There is no need for the more expensive option, such as tablets or laptops, as an affordable Chromebook has been very successful.  Below are two options for chromebook retailers if you are interested.

Staples Ordering: 

Ordering is easy:
1. Go to

2. Search for Father Leduc School and choose correct grade list. Supplies can be delivered to your home.


To print the pdf please see below:


2022 2023 Grade 1 Supply List FLCS

2022 2023 Grade 2 Supply Lists FLCS

2022 2023 Grade 3 Supply List FLCS

2022 2023 Grade 4 Supply List FLCS

2022 2023 Grade 5 Supply List FLCS (1)

2022 2023 Grade 6 Supply List FLCS

2022 2023 Grade 7 And 8 Supply List FLCS

2022 2023 Kindergarten Supply List FLCS

Chromebook BYOD BCOM STARCatholic

Staples Chromebook Star Catholic School Division (1)