School Fees

2019-2020 School Fees

The proposed fees are set as maximums based on past student participation, cost and school experience. In some cases, although listed, some fees may not be charged. If you have any questions please contact the school at 780.986.0045


Technology User Fees

Amounts charged for use or rental of computers, iPads, or other electronic devices.

Software & Maintenance   $5.00


Fees for Optional Courses

Additional amounts charged for student enrolment in non-core course options.

Sport and Fitness Appreciation $40.00
Robotics/Rocketry $20.00
Science Enrichment $10.00
Art Fee $10.00
Home Ec. Elective $40.00
Musical Theatre $30.00


Extracurricular Fees

Fees from clubs, sports teams, intramurals, or other programs designed to broaden scholastic experience.

Cross Country/Running Club Elem - JH $25.00
Volleyball/Triple Ball Club Elem - JH $125.00
Basketball Elem - JH $100.00
Floor Hockey Elementary $35.00
Soccer Elem - JH $35.00
Track & Field JH $10.00
Badminton JH $25.00
Ski Club $250.00
Tournament Fees Grades 3-8 $25.00
Ski Club Trip to the Canadian Rockies $150.00
Music Festival Entries  $30.00


Activity Fees

Transportation, admission, accommodation, and other charges for field trips or special events (including in-school clinicians & presenters) usually associated with curriculum.

Field Trips (K-6) $45.00
Field Trips (7-8) $50.00
Swimming Lessons $55.00
Ski Day $50.00
CTK Play $10.00
Power Skating $275.00


Non-Curricular Goods and Services

Fees in exchange for goods or services common to most students.

Agenda Books $8.40 (incl GST)
Lock Rental $2.00
Student Council $8.00
Grade 8 Farewell $100.00
Agenda Books & Kanga Pouches (ECS) $13.65
Lock Rental $2.00
Student Council $8.00
Yearbook $35.00

Other Fees to Enhance Education

Recorder $9.00